Central Alberta Maker Space was in 2016.  A fledgling Maker Space trying to make it in the big world.  We were founded by a few individuals, with a couple lucky breaks, and a passion to make a space that they can be proud of.  It is our goal to serve the entire community, any age nationality or gender, making knows no such boundaries, and neither should we.  There are some very extremely dangerous tools in our space so we will never be able to allow young people to explore freely, but our intent is to allow as much creative freedom as possible.  Please fee free to contact us for more information about our membership policies to decide if our space is right for your youth.

Our mission statement:

Learn - Make - Teach

This statement represents what we believe to be the cycle of all making, and our goal is to uphold this ideal in everything we do.  We will be offering regular classes for the community (members and non-members alike) to come and join us and learn something new.  We hope to cover a wide range of topics from book binding to soldering, from 3D design to woodworking, so stay tuned for upcoming classes.  If there is something you are interested in learning more about we may be able to accommodate in a future learning session, just let us know what interests you.

Our space is very young and is in the process of attracting new members, so if you are interested please contact us, and find out how you can join.