What is a Maker?

A combination of passion, curiosity, rebellion, and with a sprinkle of awesome

Human beings are makers, period. Even if we don't think of ourselves as one, it is a necessary component of our evolution. We made tools, and discoveries that got us to this very point in history. Everyday new discoveries are being made, new creations being built. I am not talking just technical things, like the new Tesla car, but also art, music, food ... We create or make everyday, sometimes in small ways, sometimes in huge ways. We find a problem and we deal with it, and create a solution.

In the age of instant entertainment, we can get lost in this idea, choosing to turn our mind off with binge watching Buffy on Netflix. But our brain will not allow this level of sedentary existence forever, at some point we will be challenged with a need, and our brain will kick in, and we will become a maker.

Everytime I explain what a makerspace is, or what a maker is, I try to fine tune it to the audience, but, the reality is that you are a maker. Stephen Hawkings, a man trapped inside his body, with only his mind, is very notably a maker; where I may use clay, he uses math, and science to define the world we live in. To be human is to be a maker.

A maker space has a couple purposes: 
Gather like minded individuals, to allow collaboration of activities and ideas
Give access to tools and equipment that might be out of reach of a home consumer.
Offer a space to educate others
Provide a safe space to create

Consider joining us in this journey, explore your own maker side, and help others become the best maker they can be. Thanks for your time.