Joining Central Alberta Maker Space


  • Monthly fee is $25 and is due by the first of the month.
  • Existing key-holders will receive a discount of $5 for life
  • When fees are coming up you will be emailed an invoice.  Payment methods currently include Cash, Interac e-Transfer


  • You will need to provide your own safety equipment, this includes, but is not limited to: hearing protection, safety lenses, face shield, work gloves.  Some equipment may be on site, plan ahead.
  • You must agree to and sign the safety waiver.
  • You must practice safe working habits while operating any tools
  • Where available you must complete training certification for a tool before using it.
  • Clean up after yourself


  • A member will arrange a time with you to meet at the space and go over the rules and procedures.
  • After orientation, you will be given a key to the space and a code to the electronic gate.

Community Space

  • We are all makers, be considerate of fellow members, and clean up after yourself.


Benefits of joining CAMS

  • You are officially awesome
  • Access to work space and tools 24/7
  • Access to other creative makers who may be able to help you, or at least help you keep your eye brows
  • Discounted community training
  • Maker meetups and tinker Tuesdays
  • The opportunity to Learn - Make - Teach

Additional information

We are a small community at the moment and constantly growing,  We really like feedback from members and the community, so if you have an idea, or notion that you think that CAMS could do, let us know.  If there is a fancy tool or widget that we absolutely need to have, let us know.  If you would like to replace the fridge with some sort of time dilation device that keeps things cool by preventing time from passing, we can talk about it.  If you have any questions, concerns or thoughts at all, let us know.

Where does the fees go

I just wanted to head this question off.  First is rent, and operating expenses, followed by tool maintenance, tool acquisition, space improvement, and community support.  We are a volunteer organization, so none of the directors are paid for their time.


Q: Do I need to be a member to participate in community training?

A: No, but you get a discount and more advanced notice


Q: Can I see the space/meet the makers?

A: Absolutely, send us a request on the contact us form, and we will do our best to accomidate


Q: Do you have <insert tool> at your space?

A: Maybe.  The inventory is still a work in progress, but once it is closer it will be posted on the website, and you can see for your self.  For now, send us a message


Q: Is there any tools you need?

A: Yes, and we are interested in acquiring tools in many different areas.  We encourage donations, but are willing to discuss purchase or loaning as necessary.